Ezbai is the projection of a young college student in the urban art Barcelonina. She began figure will have two years, painting questions, pictures, images, design or simply by writing concepts. His work has been exclusively carried out on the street, until now.

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Apariencias poéticas


Feb 2010
Mar 2010

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Opening: Wednesday, 17 to 20h.

Poetry has lost the fury of the past and philosophy and seems to satisfy anyone, but who says that some of these "arts" has died? We ourselves are poets and thinkers, because ultimately, as I remarked Martin Heidegger, thinking, understanding co m not a thinking routine, at the time of unemployment, which happens unconcealment of being nothing more than the poetic. No room for poetry because there is no room to think. The news comes as a non-stop, as a cyclic flow of collecting and sowing that aims to bring us to the top, or at least that we are inculcated. E n this respect do not mean to discover the falsity of our contemporary world, because that's not the problem, but I seek the truth elsewhere, what is? It is simply the time between the sowing and collecting, the timeline of our greatest moments, to think what came, what comes and what will come. From this panorama presents the poetic appearances, six conceptual works that seek venture into a gallery, and its nature and mainly urban space, abandoned or marginal sites, where they reach their true reason and meaning.


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