Mar 2010

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Soundsketching - merging the sound and picture

Soundsketching is an experiment on free improvisation, combining live music and live drawing. The abstract paintings and drawings are created with ink on a glass table, and balanced by a choreography of light. They then filmed live and projected on a screen.

The music is improvised loops and ambient melodies. The alternately tuned guitar sound, in other instruments like the melodica, the Calimba, the electro-theremin and keyboard Hohner Pianetto T, is processed by analog equipment. www.soun

George and Ilias began experimenting various techniques and interdisciplinary art forms. The current soundsketching performances were developed and evolved through rehearsals and live performances.

A visual level, elements of drawings, calligraphy, film define the content and direction of the projection.

Music stimulates both the images and the images stimulate the music. Balancing the two forces that drive the performance, sound and light, is an ongoing challenge throughout the improvisation. A stimulates nte return loop between the two artists on stage gives rise to conceptual and emotional harmony.

Soundsketching was selected by jazzwerkruhr, (a German festival and forum for the jazz scene in the Rhineland) to participate to the concerts jazzwerkruhr in 2009.


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