Raúl Lázaro

Born in Alicante (Spain) February 29, 1980. He moved at age 5 moved to Madrid, where he developed his life and training. 

Attend courses and workshops in photography and screen printing. Received several awards and acquisitions of photography.
After the finish of Architecture for two years he moved to Holland, where and begins to combine the photographs with newspaper clippings, photocopies and paperboard and other materials, based on scissors and glue. Her collages and collaborations are beginning to be exposed and published. Publishes book of Diogenes Syndrome with a selection of collages, photomontages and visual poetry of the past two years. It ex position and display pictures and collages in various galleries collectively and individually.

I believe in small things done with time and patience. Give off an invisible aura that makes you stand still watching them, as if to mentally find the process followed in their implementation. I believe in the day to day, living in and l puzzle of our photographic memory in silence. I admire the careful and calm analysis with which Georges Perec describes a room like a game that involves piecing together the puzzles of everyday life. I share your admiration for him and his walk infraordinario "usual questioning.

I love having a full table of cuts, where a sea of papers and textures make out unexpected associations or coincidental. The interplay between the random search and the construction of visual obsessions. Squint and make way for the side view, where it meets the essential really as an unexpected encounter.

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Sueños rotos

Raúl Lázaro

Mar 2010
Mar 2010

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Opening: Wednesday 10 at 20h.

That vision of things as objective and therefore highly subjective in their relationship between them and them with us.
Everyday life is full of ready-mades for who knows how to look. Or as John Berger "only see what we look, look is to choose".
The reality as they see it , Raw, needs a closer look for multiple and mixed hybrid. The about new and curious explorers equipped with a toolbox of approaches and purposes, mobile polifocales.
A kaleidoscopic view: no fixed or stabilizer, capable of cutting pieces of reality and to establish links with their edges, textures, flaps, paint them, smell them, touch them.
A look tactic intentionally to choose, collect and discover to compose from it.
Not in the sense of a mere collection, but an active operation, archive of everyday life.
A file ready to be processed and reactivated. Looking for models not only reproduce but to recognize relationships. Not establish categories but to rethink linking and interconnected.
An ironic look where meaning is meaningful only through image processing.
In a way a recycling process and back where all the images printed are potential victims of the scissors and glue, associating dose temporarily, pending a new situation.


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