Esther Miquel Conteleta

I was born in Barcelona and still live and work here.

I don't have a formal "artistic" education so in my work there's plenty of improvisation and experimentation. I use some simple elements: color pencils, clay and Aironfix. I think that with a mixture of this techniques my work gains it´s own personality.   

The abstraction in my paintings is not an attempt to reflect any specific idea or make any social criticism. In fact, I think there´s plenty of banality in it. There's always someone trying to find some reason, explanation or a recognized shape in my work, but there isn't. 

— "Did you meant this, right?" 

No, most of the time I don´t want to mean anything, you could say that my concept is "the absence of any concept". I only work with balanced shapes that are seeking their aesthetic in space. 

My work has been displayed in some free magazines and fanzines from Spain, Italy, France, U.K and Hungary. I have also collaborated in several collective exhibitions in galleries of Germany, Italy and Spain. 


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Esther Miquel Conteleta

Apr 2010
Apr 2010

Vernisage + musik by Fancy Nancy: FRIDAY 9 at 20h.


Shapes that conform through it’s shape, shrinking and expanding, interwoven, rigid and soft, colorful shapes. Red, some orange, blue, a green line here and there. Different rates of strokes, closer, less or more intense. That’s Munhon. 

Groups of colored lines that converge with each other creating different shapes and unrelated, each created under constant improvisation. An aesthetic look is achieved through the forms that fill the space, creating this balance. They don´t represent anything in particular, they aren’t recognizable forms, only what they are, Munhon-s, pieces of lines and shapes that levitate and join in their paper home, each one different, random, basic, colorful. That’s all. This is Munhon.


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