Performance: SISTEMAS

Mar 2010

Translated by Google translate

At the time of activating a system can observe and / or experience the present.
The system is drawn on the ground, the same is done in terms of the actions of my own space / body, is a search of a system of anthropometric measurements of the body itself.
Before the game can be activated from the illusion of "vi visualizations "past, present and future.
This occurs at the time of the action. This absolute measure (movement). As this happens, the viewer can decode the formal mechanism of the work and so "foresee " the future tense of the marks drawn in space. These markings automatically turn into "trail " (time pasad o) and it is possible through them to reconstruct the memory of the action.
One of the most important instances of the LEAP SYSTEM (28), where through the HUB (28) can experience the MOMENT (F).
The work has no single concept, but a succession of lines of inquiry and searches that meet in a time / space and not meant to be an end but in another part of an ongoing process, which is like trying to understand my work.

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