Marco Zamora

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(1981 Los Angeles, California)
In 2004 he graduated from California Institute Of The Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Artist by profession, his work can be seen particularly in the west coast, but it has also been shown in New York, Miami and Copenhagen.

His work is a direct product of his inspiration, including urban conditions as the chaos of city life, the difficult moments, youth culture and the working class.
Using the brush to draw, the process starts by building an environment based on their photographs.

The characters are conceptualized and then added to complete the result is a beautiful visión.El complex tension between man and the urban landscape.

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Marco Zamora

Jul 2010
Aug 2010

For this exhibition I will be featuring a series of large scale, ink and watercolor drawings on paper and an installation focusing on themes of anonymity, my environment, and the conditions/actions of the people that inhabit it. I am very interested in the real, using objects and things that are lost, materials of everyday use. I will be mixing heavy graphic imagery and soft reality. Color is being used as an attraction, as beauty and a distraction. My work is a comment on my experiences and feelings of society.

I photograph what I see and use it as a fragment of time and reality to construct each piece. It is “the world as it is”, to capture people in their natural state of being. I am interested in objects that transport
and excite.

The work is about experience and memory. Recognizing objects for their meaning and usage. The unknown, where is it from and where will it go? Recognizing the unappreciated and the everyday routine.
Playing with the idea of our waste and baggage. To place ideas on the unknown, appropriating actions, meanings and photos. Everything is important. The urban landscape is my wildlife. To recreate what I
see and add life to life.

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