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The mutation in genetics and biology, is an alteration or change information on the genotype of a living being and, therefore, will produce a change in the pattern, which occurs suddenly and spontaneously, and can transmit or inherit to the offspring. The genetic unit is able to mutate the gene, which is a ity of hereditary information that is part of DNA. In multicellular beings, mutations can be inherited only when they affect the reproductive cells. One consequence of the mutations may be a genetic disease, however, even in the short term may seem harmful mutations in the long term are essential to our existenci a. Without mutation would not change and no change life could not evolve.

DIVINE MUTANT is a selection of mutants drawings, replicas of originals that have been altered or changed in order, mostly by whims of fate, are errors recovered, they see the light after years of hiding. Reappear in the form of a hundred small white squares, pampered and cared for they can be observed and evolve in their new life.


Gastón Liberto

Translated by Google translate

(1976 Argentina)

"I started ten years ago in Argentina working in painting and sculpture, exhibited in galleries and formed along with some colleagues from the School of Fine Arts, a small group of circus.
My work would define it as subtle, likewise, short and clear \ "
He has participated in several EXPOSURE collective ion in Barcelona, his work was selected by RED magazine to participate withRead more

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