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Mot is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Barcelona, ​​founded in 2006.
Work from small jobs to complex projects, usually within the areas of editorial design and corporate image.

Lately combine their orders with the development of own projects in order to have fun and have m & aacute; s creative freedom, without being subject to the usual constraints customer.
In this framework that Lesquatrestacions, a project focused on the field of data visualization, specifically in the search for new ways to visualize sound.

Clos Laia (Barcelona, ​​1972) has a degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona and graduated in Graphic Design at the Escola Massana.
In 1997 began his professional career first General Company of Ideas and after the study Enric Jardi. In 2006 he founded 'Mot', his own studio. He is also currently teaching at Escola Eina, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and member of the board of to leave Barcelona, ​​where she lives and works.

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Apr 2011
May 2011

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Opening: Thursday 14 to 20h.

"Visualizing Music"
Lecture-presentation on the conceptualization and creation of the project: Thursday 28 to 20h.

Lesquatrestacions refers to the musical composition of the eighteenth century Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. Essentially it is an in interpretation of the four violin concertos of the baroque masterpiece.
Each of the posters is the complete translation of a concert, a violin played by the station master. The result of the part played by the three violins Lesquatrestacions stated in the book.
To create Lesquatrestacions, we designed a prototype SisTeMu: a graphical system of notation that texture plays muscial.
SisTeMu translate musical notation of simple geometric shapes and primary colors, exploring the rhythmic and melodic harmonies that necuentran in musical compositions. In some ways simplifies the complexity of the mathematical structure ica, making it attractive to the viewer through a visual narrative.



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