Showcase: Musica Vermella

Jul 2011

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We are all that we gustra pass, the result of many different emotions of roots, and we rely on the performance sounds and noises, organized or not, that rebientan everything that bothers us, who idolize the precious things, and lost in air to generate new things. That blend with the smells and images, with touches, and they exploit. Explode.

Vermella Music is a netlabel created a link between Barcelona and Berlin, aimed at the dissemination of ideas and feelings in the form of electronic and experimental music, and graphic works, mainly in digital format free under Creative Commons.

Music Vermella is Dubstep, is HipHop, is Braindance, Breakcore, Music Concrete, it Grime, Dub, wonky, is Breakstep: is music, red music.

We take the word "red " to define our music married to the visual arts: "red " in response to the gray of the companies drowned in this flood of pleasant but deadly murderers, murderers in the form of laws, in the form of coins and as leaders. A gray is perpetual and continues, always multiplying the multiple shades of gray. Red is passion and dreams of fire, the ease of creating and playing situations in space and / or time, nice and mystical, beautiful and annoying red sites currently red, red sound, red ideas.


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