OFF LOOP 2011: Les Vacances d'arachné

May 2011

Translated by Google translate

Les Vacances d 'arachne stages a danced version of a (fictional) ancient Greek tragedy of which only fragments have been preserved ... The heroine of this tragedy is Arachne, whose tragic fate reflects Ovid's Metamorphoses, Arachne embodies the tragedy of being rebellious oppressed by the apparatus of power and ideology pa triarcal. The device meets the exhibition of graphic works, with an audiovisual installation and dance. Present an open rehearsal with dance and projections of the first part of the work, when Arachne and her colleagues are happily working in his studio ...


Artistic team:

Name of group: The Grand Bal European let
Part Name: Les Vacances d 'arachne
Art Director: Céline Pimentel
Dance: Leticia Armendariz, Karla Holman, Eva Fernández, Marina Gilabert, Céline Pimentel, Patricia Roche, Rota Yolanda Salmeron, Thelma Segui
Drawings: Helena Medrano
Animation: Manuel Soto Santiago
Videos: Stefano Casella
Vj: José Luis Guerrero
Dj: Patricia Sanchez-Mora


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