Emilie Hallard

Emilie Hallard was born in 1979 in Orleans (France). She started photography 8 years ago while living in Barcelona. Her work focuses on people and nightlife - an intimate, moody and sensual dialogue.

Her passion for photography led her to organize two editions of the International Photography Festival Caja de Luz in the MISCELÄNEA gallery, and to work as and interpreter for the Rencontres d'Arles or photographer Antoine d'Agata.



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Gaël Turpo

Gaël Turpo was born in 1980, in Paris (France). His studies in journalism led him to work in radio and televison for years. Upon discovering photography five years ago, he decided to commit to it full time. Always rooted in the real, his documentary-related works however give rise to  more mysterious narratives. His approach keeps the human close and builds on encounters and experiences to question viewers through his pictures.



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Matteo Tranchesi


Matteo Tranchesi was born in Naples (Italy), in 1976. Graduating from the Marseilles Architecture School in 2006, he settled in Paris in 2007. This same year, his first photographs are published in the book "Oltre la città" Ed.Cronopio and in various Italian reviews.

In 2008, he won the Liege Fnac Photo Contest  that landed him a show at the Fnac Forum. In 2010, heparticipated in the group exhibition "Empreinte" for the Lognes City Council. In 2011, he took part in a workshop with JH Engström at the Atelier de visu in Marseilles.

His work investigates his immediate surroundings in terms of social and intimate life.




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Emilie Hallard

Gaël Turpo

Matteo Tranchesi

Oct 2011
Nov 2011

Opening: 19 Wednesday to 20h.


At the crossroad of documentary photography and the diary and always exanimating the human being by exploring their inner and physical worlds, Emilie Hallard, Gaël Turpo & Matteo Tranchesi present the SUDOR show at the Miscelänea Gallery.

The three photographers put their emotional research on hold and exhibit this radiography of their trajectories, sharing questions, obsessions and concerns with the public.

This photographic genre, still without any proper name and coverage from art galleries and major publishers, has eventually carved a place for itself on the Internet. Our three photographers typically met on the web, they used its resources to trade references and thoughts, and together they honed their photo works and matured them into this common project. Turpo first coined the term ‘dirty style’ for this little-known genre and its emphasis on emotional content/payoff over mere technical skills. Dirty Style also is a way of living camera in hands to relate the human being and its complexity, through a raw and direct photographic idiom.



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