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\ r \ NPIC, rebellious, daring, funny, dreamy, so are the coolest,
\ r \ nmujeres that eat snacks and life to fighting for people not to be gray.
\ r \ nVir about creating images with something funny, do not leave anyone indifferent and which cause the occasional smile His illustrations from a photograph, especially in the field of fashion or advertising, looking for a particular physical or gesture that attracts attention.
\ r \ nVir works images from the delicacy of the pen to the roundness of the pen, or the explosion of painting without using a variety of color, committed to the strength of a black and white or brightly colored ink.
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\ r \ NSUS references departing from Schiele, Audrey Beardsley and the Symbolists to the pin ups of the 50s. In the illustration and design chosen by Richard Gray, Big Active, Cecilia Carlsten, Ryuji Inocuo Ohtami or design. Also photographers like David LaChapelle and Steven Meisel and fashion designers with theatrical stagings as Galliano, Gaultier and McQueen

Virginia Alvarez VIR

Virginia Alvarez (Vir), nacida en Santander, estudió Bellas Artes en Bilbao (UPV), donde tras experimentar en diversos campos fue decantándose por el dibujo y la ilustración, técnica en la que profundizaría mediante un posgrado en la Escola de disseny i art (EINA) de Barcelona. En una primera etapa como freelance, publicó trabajos para medios como Woman, Rolling stone o El pais, además de colaborar con agencias como ViniciusRead more

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