K-Conjog + Francesco Lettieri: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Apr 2012

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"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" it's a cine concert.

During the live-set music and video blend to pusuit the same target: describing the inner journey of a wandering soul. The audience is emotionally involved in a deep journey where the human habits and relationships, watched from the point of view of a soul in the hereafter, become tinged with absurd.

The show starts with a clip from the previous live-set "And Love Will Come With a Red Light in Her Hands” whose visual aspect is always edited by Lettieri. The texts in this introductive part of “Objects” are by K-Conjog. The live-set culminates in a surprise for the careful spectator: the objects reflected in the mirror that are projected on the screen are not as far as they seem.

K-Conjog is Fabrizio Somma, a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer. He made his debut in 2009 with the album “Il Nuovo è al passo coi tempi” produced by Snowdonia Dischi/Audioglobe. 2010 sees his second album, ”Le storie che invento non le so raccontare”, an electro-folk EP with the English record Dirty Demos. K-Conjog has also worked with Valerio Berruti joining the installation “E più non dimandare”, presented at Tina B Contemporary Art Festival of Prague and has also set to music Berruti’s personal exhibition ”Una sola moltitudine”, with the track “Mono No Aware”, which is also the soundtrack for the first Ipad app ever made for a contemporary artist. K-Conjog is currently presenting “Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear”, a live-set with video interactions by Francesco Lettieri.

Francesco Lettieri was born in Naples in 1985 but he has been living and working in Rome for 5 years. He has made several short films such as “sa di orecchio”, “gina pari”, “S.G.R.A.L.L.”. Afterwards, Lettieri has made video clips for musicians like Giovanni Truppi, Marco Buccelli and K-Conjog and is the author of the video-series “Le Storie che Invento non le so Raccontare”, winner of several awards in national and international short films festivals. Furthermore, Lettieri has also made the visuals for the K-Conjog’s cine concert “Objects in Mirror are Closer than they appear”.

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