Chevalier Avant Garde + Paralelo

Jun 2012

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Chevalier Avant Garde (Skrot Up/CAN)

Chevalier Avant Garde are Dimitri and Filip, a Montreal-based duo of European expatriates who share a love for low-light shadows and ancient ruins. Their dark and melancholic sound is a mix of different elements and styles: warm and full in tone, yet weirdly hypnotic and glasslike at the same time. With Heterotopias, their debut LP on Copenaghen based label Skrot Up, Chevalier Avant Garde manage to cultivate their wide range of influences and create something all their own. The LP takes its title from the Foucaultian concept of "alternative spaces", areas existing only between "here" and "there", simultaneously illusory and real, familiar yet foreign, like a telephone call or a déjà vu. Don´t miss their first live show on these shores.

Paralelo (BCN)

Paralelo is the new project of Raúl Q. de Orte, drummer of Naturalesa Salvatge, who embraces here a journey into the darkest and most minimalist sound. Maybe not the best way to start your day, he would say, but surely something to be excited about, we can add.

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