A viva veu presenta: Vatican Shadow + Paralelo

Oct 2012

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Vatican Shadow
Dominick Fernow is responsible for numerous musical projects, but which has channeled all its efforts in recent months has been Vatican Shadow. Apart from Prurient and Cold Cavo (to name two of the projects in which collaborates known), Dominick Fernow is responsible Yorker multidisciplinary cultural center, Hospital Bed Seal Productions and Nails OfOff it has published the last reference to the Vatican Shadow last June.

Vatican Shadow is characterized as a musical project theme, conceptualized based dark electronic and lacerating, next to the sound of the first album of Aphex Twin. This sound is chaotic and overwhelming sound interpretation of the concept on which this project revolves military look, inspired mostly by the Iraq war, and the conspiracies of religious and political power. His first physical format references were edited on cassette and limited to just over fifty copies, mostly edited by Hospital Productions and is now trading at prices high enough in Discogs. The less initiated in this genre will appreciate the focus on some land less schizophrenic and more enjoyable. Maximum temperature and darkness, after all. Then hear a preview of the album.

Paralelo is the project of Raul Orte of Naturalesa Salvatge in this adventure solo practices a genre close to darkwave influences that can quickly find space between the post-punk of the seventies and other baking industry groups.

MORE INFO: http://www.avivaveu.como/conciertos/vatican-shadow

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