Former Selves + Lace Bows

Nov 2012

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FORMER SELVES (Hooker Vision/Rotifer/Bridgetown, USA)

If there's a musician for whom I've recently felt passion, this is Paul Skomsvold. His music, with fascinating video creations accompanying, conveys like no other in recent times peace, inspiration and beauty. Infinite layers of guitars and keyboards melting in the pursuit of perfect musical harmony. An ambient at its best expresion, that transports you so far away, and makes you float and forgets everything.


LACE BOWS (Wasser Bassim/Hooker Vision, PT)

Joana Francisco is a traveler with the sole mission of documenting the hypothetical existence of other worlds. Their music consists of a wonderful experimentation layer, made of layers of processing, in the form of nebulae and synths sound older than our parents. High expectations!



Manuel Carvalho is a Portuguese musician and artist who lives in Bcn and relaizes psychedelic synthetic thanks to noise elements and drone. This is a music made with electronic elements and considerations including oriental figures, a microcosm populated maximalist rock samples of Persian, spacecraft, and small aquatic alien synthesizer solos and chest hair in the wind and in the air.


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