Dec 2012

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The third edition of Lowcycle is just coming!

The series,  that already gets its form and its supporters, keeps on growing up and maturing.

For this special event, Lowcycle moves down the bpm and increases the spirituality by the presentation of three really special shows from the Lowtoy family: Ralph, Lautsärke and NEUROBIT, with Nikaps as visual.

Ralph will open the event  with a set in which he'll improvise en experimental noise style, by homebuilt machines, appliances and toys modified modular synthesis, and a pinch of made ´<´

Lautstärke'll go on the night with his lo-fi sounds deep and intense search for harmony within chaos. As usual, accompanied by a shipment of modified toys, gameboys, DIY electronic instruments, voices and who knows what else ...

The highlight of the night comes from Holland: it's  NEUROBIT, with its special sound, experimental soundscapes and their particular style hypnotic (for sample phrases 5 attemps To Sync The Elements).

This is a special Lowcycle s in a special day, and  we will count on the Nikaps visual to celebrate it, an experimental video female duo created by hand and in real time! Textures, shapes, colors and sensations are the perfect complements to this particular night ritual.

The universe is aligned with the third edition of Lowcycle!

See you there to end up this year the best way with the Lowtoy family!


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