Presentation VET AQUÍ UN GAT de Burnin' Percebes

Apr 2013

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Long live la Burnin '2013 Golden Edition! Premiere Vet aqui un Gat! The new Burnin' Percebes short film. A short created specifically to bind and thus solve the problems of his friend Carlos.
Besides a trailer of the second season of Ventura time.
Everything starts with a small Nuns Come talk show, New Mammoths and Burnin' Percebes which put off many souls. And the premiere of a new video of doing shit with other special collaborations.
It does not end here! After many gifts you do and you can enjoy world-class successes VI some young dj's that just arrived from the north, while enjoying a drink. Top 15 asking for a drink after the screening you will wear to house a
Vet aqui un Gat exclusive silkscreen, designed by Alfredo Borés (

Do not miss it!
We wait for you full of love.

The kiss!

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