LOWCYCLE#5: Love True Cannibalism + Church Of Whatever

Apr 2013

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Lowcycle goes level 5!

After playing twisty little passages of sonic mazes inhabited of square-wave sounds, desolated siberian landscapes, tropical fruits and french animals, hexagonal holes filled with noises from machines and drones in the north-pole of Saturn, outsider nocturnal beats on the block, plus dreadlocks on speed... Oof, Finally! A mighty night of fantasy and magic lands at Lowcycle. Even more this is when spirituality meets consumer electronics with logos of My Little Pony and such.

From Glitch and chiptunes comes a mix of interests and sounds called Love Through Cannibalism. This is a conceptual self-existent project, a wide variety of influences that form a musical project based on... Pokemon? Just kidding! Victor brings to Lowcycle tropical rythms, drum and bass with crazy breaks, psychedelic sharp cuts and a bunch of glithces and noises that will make energetic drink junkies and tanned-skin cast aways dance like crazy under a 512 x 448 pixels sun.

On the other hand Church Of Whatever. Premiere of the the new audiovisual band formed by Entter (ex Meneo) and Hiss, a young bleep-techno producer. They like to say to be the supreme Guru of a glorious cult organization, first all you have to be a good person, cynical people cannot learn a trade.

Expect a fully equipped torrent of chiptunes, pixelated popes on fire running along the screen, the joy of sect, liturgy, theater and shit loads of corporative videos to brain wash your dirty mind. Anyway, above all, the party of the century. Get ready to destroy your ass on the dance floor.

If you don´t get a shit about all this crap, no worries me either. Nah, really, just go and check the links. We'll expect you there. Come and see for yourself.


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