LOD + Xarlene + Draft Lorenz

Dec 2013

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klitekture & nightcruising present:

LOD + Xarlene (MOOI live)
Draft Lorenz (DJ set)
Luis Ortiz (DJ set)

LOD presents his latest album "mooi" , a musical showcase of all those beautifull moments that he lived before and after the birth of his daughter Erika. A sutile, warm and cinematograohic album that will be released on nightcruising, a kyoto based label that serves as platform to local and international artists like Sylvain Chauveau, Marihiko Hara, Polar m, Intext, etc
This album was created during several field recordings, studio sessions and live performances that took place between may 2011 and september 2013 in San Pancho and Guadalajara (Mexico), Berlin (Germany), Canary Islands and Asturias (Spain), Kyoto and Osaka ( Japan ).
mooi fate would be found with night cruising and their japanese artists Aoki Takamasa and Cuushe who have given, with their delicate and sutile approach to music, the final touch to this album.
Mooi live performances will be an special ocation to see LOD play with selfmade instruments designed specif ically for live presentations of this work that will be complemented with tailor made visuals by Xarlene, Amanda Lopez and LOD himself who has created, for the first time, with his own visual works creating a very
personal and unique audiovisual experience.

www.nightcruising.jp  |  www.luisortiz.net
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