Mar '07



! make your reservation if you want to stay no place Friday, March 16 Músico: Alberto Gonzalez + dancer: Maribel Martinez (20 minutes) Festival End of cycle

music and dance series

Improvisation is a immediate action, a response irrevocable. It assumes, for a test drive.

M alqueridas offers you an encounter between musicians and dancers dedicated to research art of improvisation on stage, which acquires, day by day, more relevant as a tool for multidisciplinary integration. A series of performances of dance and experimental electronic music based on the creation of TIME po real musician-dancer feedback.

Malquerida creations to the limit belongs to \ "Pla de Residències of creadors \" of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The company unloved creations to limit proposes a series of performances of dance and experimental electronic music based on creating a tie real mpo ¯ musician and dancer feedback.




Victor Zambrano Monica Extremiana Virginia Garcia Maribel Gonzalez Sonia Martinez



Alberto Gonzalez Fernando Lagreca Jahbitat Mikel Zudaire Ilia Mayer

Malquerida creations to the limit

Malquerida traces its history with special focus on research of contemporary dance. Intends to open a space for study and reflection on the movement and its links with other artistic languages, such as video creation, new textual processes and m & uac ute; music.


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