Oct 2014

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HAIRY SANDS (feat. Clint Newsom from Rhythm of Black Lines, VietNam) is a poetic prog three-piece from Brooklyn, New York.

If there is a common thread that runs through the nearly decade long existence of Hairy Sands, it is a childlike willingness or even mandate to let anything be the beginning for a musical idea. Started less as a band and more as an outlet for recording sounds on the fly, Hairy Sands combine intricate guitar playing with layered harmonies, polyrhythmic bass and piano, extreme restraint at one moment, magical arrangements at the next. These features are decorated with impressionistic lyrics touching on nature, art, fiction, dreams, and fleeting experiences. Hairy Sands are difficult to place in time, with audible influences from the England’s Canterbury scene, tropicalia, kraut-rock, and Texas psychadelia.

GEORGE SAND (feat. Jay Pluck of Ed Askew Band) sing modern hymns and are from downtown Manhattan.

... strange, minimalist keyboard band... Jay Pluck has obviously had some immersion in Philip Glass: there’s a hypnotic aspect to this music, but it’s more raw and ragged and gently, methodically disquieting. Think of the creepy cinematics of In the Summer House and you’ll be on the right track. All of the songs are working subtle, precisely articulated variations on broken chords, with an uneasy, modal melodic sense... (and) feature nebulously ominous guy/girl harmonies.  New York Music Daily


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