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Opening: Wednesday, May 20th at 20.00h 

Discipline: Painting

The works in "The lives we never lived" focus on missed chances, unspoken words and lost opportunities. All the things, that are constantly on our mind, yet never get the chance to actually be lived, til the point they become forgotten.

The project’s starting point was a series of interviews with elder people in the environment of the illustrators. Aspects of those interviews, memories - good and bad- were then taken as inspiration for the respective works.

Choosing to work with old photographs and other objects, some from the

illustrators’ families, others randomly found at flea-markets, they sought to visualize these highly fleeting and emotional aspects of human existence.

Living in this world, in which all kinds of media try to influence our lives and tell us to seize the day, it is becoming ever more difficult to actually feel, let alone show, feelings like regret, sorrow or resignation.

The artworks seek to give visual space to these emotions, to let them be seen and lived, in order to start seeing them not only as failure but maybe as a chance.


Elke Bauer

Elke Bauer is a freelance designer and illustrator from Austria. She graduated from the "Kolleg and Meisterklasse Graphische" Vienna, in 2009 she won a "Rookie of the Year" Award from Creative Club Austria and also the "Antalis Design Award" thanks to her final career project.

After working for two years at "Alessandri Design" in Vienna, at the end of 2011 she moved to Barcelona to attend a Master of Applied Illustration and GraphicRead more

Teresa Kettner

1985,  Austria

Estudia arte visuales en  Paris, antes de desarrollar su estudios  de Diseño gráfico y comunicación en Viena.

“La ilustración o el diseño gráfico no se crean de la nada. Me veo mi misma como un filtro que encuentra la inspiración al enfrentarse continuamente con todos los tipos de impulsos. Percibo mi entorno sin limitaciones o prejuicios. Cualquier cosa puede ser una fuente de inspiración: la gente que me rodea, laRead more

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