May '15
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A=B / Rishin Singh


A=B is a duo from Barcelona formed by Lali Barrière (sine waves) and Ferran Fages (white noise and feedback). Active since late 2009, their project is focused on the study of the perception of vibrations in space, close to the parameters of sound installations. Their work is based on the sum of simple elements: sine waves, white noise and feedback, these combined towards the generation of a sound environment where simplicity and unpredictability pull the strings of what is heard.

Rishin Singh (Kuala Lumpur, 1985) uses trombone/composition/text/installation/performance to make music that is simultaneously minimal and sensual. He is a former co-director of the NOWnow Series & Festival (Sydney) and currently lives in Berlin. On this occasion he will be performing “Numbers descending”, a long-form text piece series that uses numbers to map the space in which it is performed.

Organiza: L'ull cec





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