Feb 2016

Maria Inc. is a think tank and a specialist in DIY practices that works with emerging talents of photography through various events and publications in France and abroad publisher.

Through our collections of photo books and fanzines we promote young current photographic scene and defend the values associated with the micro-editing and desktop publishing work closely with other publishers and photographers. At the same time and with the mission to bring the world of the general public Photobook organize exhibitions, lectures, workshops and other events.

During the talk will share the creative process of our first photobook, Anecdotal David Fathi, finalist work of Arles Author Book Award 2015 will also present some of our initiatives to open the world of photo books to other public. Photobook talk about the Paris Club, the demo contest Rock Your Dummy, the independent festival Le PhotobookFest and our workshop "PING PONG: atelier Starter Photobook".

Emilie will viewings of models from 18:30 until 20:00. Come with your project! After viewing, the presentation will begin at 20:00 in Misc. Bar


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